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Top Things to Do at Yellowstone

Thursday, July 14th, 2016


Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the USA and has things to see and do all year round. If you want to get back to nature then visiting one of the USA’s top National Parks, especially in the centenary year of the National Park Service, may be for you. Here’s a taste of what you could be enjoying in Yellowstone.

Go Volcanic

One of the big attractions in Yellowstone National Park are the geysers and mud pots splattering and spluttering as they release energy. Staying at a safe distance you can view Old Faithfull and the Mammoth Hot Springs area and enjoy those fountains of hot water and steam.

Spend time Fishing

At Yellowstone you can escape the crowds and spend a morning fishing in one of the streams. You’ll need a permit but the trout are renowned in this area. Arctic grayling are another species in Yellowstone and for anglers this is an awesome place to fish.

Go Cycling

Whilst many people come to hike in Yellowstone there are bike hire facilities here too. In spring and fall cyclists can ride some of the trails through the park and see some of the incredibly beautiful sites at their own pace. This is a popular way to experience Yellowstone.

See Wildlife

Whilst no wildlife sighting is ever guaranteed, in Yellowstone there are lots of guided tours to see some of the native species. Wolf spotting and sighting bison are just two of the famous animals living here. Lucky visitors may even spot the elusive bears. Don’t forget the wild flowers and birds here too which are another big reason to go.

Yellowstone is popular all year round and with a wide range of activities the possibilities for your vacation are endless. Start booking that break in the park today.



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